2009SD 24┬áCourses are offered in Classical Ballet and Dance with focus on the Royal Academy of dance syllabus. The Academy’s syllabi is specially designed to enable children to progress through their dance training in different stages. Students are eligible to enter the Royal Academy of Dance Grades Examination or Vocational Examination, and they will be selected for school shows. For the exceptionally talented, they may be auditioned for ballet productions or open competitions.


Regular courses

  • Beginners Ballet: 3 yrs. to 5 yrs
  • Classical Ballet: 5 yrs. and above
  • Vocational Ballet: 11 yrs. and up (With R.A.D. G5 standard)
  • Adult Ballet: 14 yrs. and up, no previous training required
  • Chinese Dance: 4 yrs. and up
  • European Folk Dance
  • Teacher’s Training Class